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One True Passion? Overrated.

Published 8 months ago • 2 min read

One True Passion? Overrated.

Can we take a moment to dismantle the cliché that is ‘finding your passion’? Seriously, it’s become this overblown, mythical creature, hasn’t it?

I’m tired of hearing that you’ve got to uncover this one, monolithic life purpose that’s been hiding in the cosmic puzzle of existence, just waiting to reveal itself and make everything make sense.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not downplaying the significance of being passionate. Hell, it’s the spice of life, right?

But if you’re expecting a lightning strike moment where the heavens part and announce, “Here, dear mortal, is your ordained passion!”—you’re in for a disappointing ride.

A Life Sentence? No Thanks.

Who made up the rule that you need one, and only one, true calling? This isn’t a fairy tale and we’re not questing for the Holy Grail. We’re people, layered, complex and ever-changing. A life sentence to just one passion? Please, you’d get bored.

No, You Don’t Need to Monetize It

You ever notice that the moment you’re good at something, there’s a choir of voices telling you to make a side hustle out of it? How about we enjoy things just for the heck of it? Trust me, monetizing your favorite pastime is a quick way to kill the joy.

On Being a Renaissance Person

The classroom of life is expansive, and guess what? It never adjourns. What you’re into at 20 won’t necessarily be what lights a fire under you at 40, and that’s okay. Stop thinking in terms of curricula and start thinking in terms of your ever-expanding anthology of interests.

You’re Allowed to Be Selfish

It’s your life. Your rules. If your passion is painting tiny figurines and creating intricate miniature worlds, go for it. If you’re enthralled by the migration patterns of monarch butterflies, own it. Your passion doesn’t need to be big, impactful, or Instagram-worthy to be valid. It just needs to be authentically you.

So, what am I getting at?

Life’s too short to be confined to one singular passion, too unpredictable to assume that what you love now will be what you love always, and too damn interesting to not explore with wide-eyed wonder. It’s not about discovering the passion, it’s about embracing an ever-evolving array of interests that make you the fascinating human you are.

Look, finding your passion is not some end game. It’s not a destination but an ongoing process—a flavorful stew of experiences, if you will. Throw in your interests, a dash of curiosity, a sprinkle of dedication, and you’ve got yourself a hearty, lifelong meal.

And that’s the secret sauce. It’s not about hunting down that one perfect thing; it’s about living a life filled with things that make you say, “Hell yes!”

Can we agree to drop the pressure and embrace the journey? Because the search for passion isn’t a scavenger hunt; it’s more like an open-ended road trip, and I’m all in for the ride.

Are you?

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