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Build Bridges, Not Cliques

Published 7 months ago • 2 min read

​​Build Bridges, Not Cliques

Look, I get it. We’ve all been there. Trapped in the workplace dynamics that feel eerily similar to high school cliques, a dangerous playground of ‘us vs. them’. Sometimes, it feels like we’re stuck in a never-ending loop, doesn’t it?

But what if we could break free? What if we could take all those experiences, stir them up, and form something new, something that truly resonates with our inner selves? I’m talking about transitioning from sympathy to empathy, about transforming our approach to problems from battlegrounds arguing for your group’s approach over another to grounds of understanding and collaboration.

I’ve come to realize that the way to sidestep this ‘us vs. them’ trap lies in being deliberate – deliberate in our learning, deliberate in selecting experiences that help us grow both professionally and personally.

Here’s where the magic happens:

Ditching the High School Drama

Remember the halls of high school reverberating with whispers and alliances? Funny how those patterns have a knack of following us into our professional lives. But you know what? We’re not teenagers anymore. We have the power to step back and say, “Nah, not playing this game.”

Because the real magic starts brewing when we channel our energies into fostering understanding, when we deliberately step away from divisive patterns and walk towards cultivating diverse experiences.

Growing Through Deliberate Learning

I’m all about growth. Not just the kind that reflects in numbers and graphs, but the kind that nudges us to be better versions of ourselves every single day. And guess what fuels this growth? Deliberate learning.

It’s about embracing experiences that enhance our skills and enrich our perspectives. It’s about integrating and internalizing new learnings, making room for novel ideas, and approaching dynamic situations with a fresh lens. A lens that’s not tinted with prejudice or bias from doing things the way they’ve always been done.

From Sympathy to Empathy

So, we’ve talked about sympathy, right? It’s like watching a movie - you observe, understand, and maybe even shed a tear. But empathy? That’s stepping into the screen, living the scenes, feeling every emotion viscerally.

Not just navigating but steering our ship through the waves of complex issues, understanding and sharing the feelings others experience when dealing with their challenges. We’ve now lived them together. Through this shared experience, next-level solutions become possible – those that take the best of all of us.

The New Chapter

What I’m proposing isn’t just a change; it’s a revolution, an overhaul of how we perceive and relate to others. It’s not just about ditching the old patterns but about fostering an environment where understanding and compassion are the norm, not the exception.

I’m here, rolling up my sleeves, diving into this transformative journey. A journey that promises not just growth but fulfillment, a deeper connection with those around me, and a richer, more vibrant professional life.

Let’s start this new chapter where the focus shifts from doing more to doing what matters.

Let’s turn the page. Together.

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