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Discovering the Magic in Stillness: The Poetry of Pausing

Published 10 months ago • 1 min read

The Poetry of Pausing

Speed. Hustle. Constant productivity. Do more! Accomplish more! Keep climbing!

Life often feels like a race we’re destined to lose. We’re chasing the illusion that the next item crossed off our to-do list or the next rung on the ladder will finally bring contentment. 

But in the mad rush of constant doing, we lose something profound: The poetry of pausing.

Pausing is not laziness or wasted time. It’s an art form - one that unlocks fresh perspective, vision, and creativity. 

I was reminded of the power of pausing during a recent weekend trip with my wife to see the A's play at the Oakland Coliseum. We're on a mission to visit every MLB stadium, so this was an important checkbox.

Of course, the weekend was packed - making connecting flights, touring the stadium, and rushing to pick up a fitted A's had to add to the collection. My mind was flooded with the usual torrent of thoughts about everything on the agenda.

But as we sat in our seats along the third base line, waiting for that first pitch, something shifted. The bright green grass, the cheers of the crowd, the stillness before the action starts. Without even deciding to, I had paused.

In that moment, breathing in the ambience of the ballpark, I was transported back to being a kid - when a game was blissful hours removed from the worries of adulthood. Insights surfaced about savoring each moment, rather than rushing to cross items off my weekend to-do list. The value of presence revealed itself, if only briefly.

In that restful space, insights bubbled up effortlessly. Problems I had been grappling with suddenly seemed manageable. I realized just how much clarity comes from stillness. 

We have been conditioned to value output above all else - doing over being, producing over processing. But there is untapped wisdom hiding in the spaces between.

As entrepreneurs and creators, the temptation is constant: work more, create more, push harder. But what meaningful work can we produce without pausing to reflect? 

Great art is not created in a mad rush. Masterpieces arise from moments of stillness, when the artist reconnects with their essence. Vision crystallizes in the gaps between frenzied activity.

Resist the pressure to always be producing. Let your ideas percolate. Don’t fear the space between projects. Recognize moments of quiet contemplation as sacred.

The world moves fast, but profound truths are revealed slowly. Creation cannot be rushed. Power flows not from frantic movement, but calm presence, aligned with purpose. 

Pause today. Gaze out your window. Take a slow walk with no agenda. Let your thoughts drift without judgment. Notice what arises in the stillness. 

The poetry of pausing is love, joy, connection. So take a breath. Be fully present. Appreciate this moment, right here, right now. 

That is where the magic lies.

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